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We Are Beyond Words

Our team loves publishing unique content our readers can share, enjoy and learn from.

Magic happens when so many creative minds and exporters collaborate with one goal in mind, to publish knowledge to the world.

Digital Lovers

Our obsession with perfection has helped us built a team of SEO and Web experts.

Our Web Brands are carefully created to capture the most organic traffic, asserting matching our content with qualified readers.

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We stop at nothing

We continuously work on evergreen content to grow our sites and keep our skills sharp to ensure our websites’ success.

We Love To Explore​

There are new topics and questions fed to the Internet every day. Millions and millions of new searches daily, we constantly analyze this data to produce fresh content weekly. Yes, it is exhausting ;)

We Take It Step-By-Step

Quality can not be rushed. Every step of our process, including our publishing guidelines, is meant to ensure quality.

We Keep It Simple and Unique

Our approach to digital content is to keep it simple, help users and keep our content unique.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Building digital brands is a challenging process and require dedication.

We enjoy creating and pushing amazing content.

meet The Lab team

The Faces Behind our Success

Hector Ruiz

Mia Media Labs President - AKA "Head Honcho"

Jennie Ryan

Web Development - Lab Nerd

Rod Mikey

SEO Specialist - Likes Google a LOT


Creative Director - Lab Genius


Senior SEO Specialist

Kiara Foster

Outreach Lab - Likes to type a LOT

Edward Smith

Team Writer

Jennie Stone

Team Writer

Alison Uebel

Senior Editor - Lab Genius

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mia media labs office florida